Today’s Report – January 9th

  • Joe Posnanski: ShamPow. You’ve gotta skip down close to the bottom of the post for the funny stuff. And this is just an expansion of this great post on infomercials. Here’s a quote from that one:

This has to be the single greatest moment in television history; this moment when an actress is attempting to demonstrate how difficult it is to reach for a telephone when your hands are trapped inside a blanket. She makes O.J. trying on the glove look like Coppola in Godfather III. She tries to reach for the phone, but she can’t quite get it right away, and then she has the most priceless look in the world, this look that says: “Oh, wow, haven’t we all been here, trying to get that doggone phone when we’re wrapped in a blanket, oh, if they can put a man on the moon and find a cure for polio, why oh why can’t they find a way to free my hands from a blanket?”

  • And that leads us to this.


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