Today’s Report – January 11th

  • Microsoft: Kid’s Corner. Beginner Developer Learning Center.
  • Kids Like. “Kids Like is dedicated to bringing you the best, and most fun, educational resources for free. Our main emphasis currently is on teaching computer programming, math, and science. Information about business and innovation will be coming in the future.”
  • Tim Bray: Water Works. This is so true. I spent days out in the Hiram Elementary School playground making trenches to empty the giant pools of water that formed underneath swings and other play equipment. Huge Fun. Great Success.


One response to “Today’s Report – January 11th”

  1. “Huge Fun. Great Success.” I don’t know how you get “Fun” out of it but eh you were what, 7 yrs old so that’s what they like i guess. And also how was it a Great Success? I’ve done it before and never got it to work lol. tell me how it works cause i always hit the tarp before it drians.

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