Today’s Report – January 15th

  • NY Times: How to Choose a Doctor. Also includes an excellent list of favorite web sites that doctors themselves use to research health issues.
  • Comics vs. Audience: Heavy Metal Band Name Chart (via Kottke). This is about as true a thing as you will ever see. Funny. (Although, come to think of it, there are an awful lot of sub-categories on this chart. Do all band names irrespective of genre fit on here somewhere?) Anyway, on a somewhat serious note, I wonder why so many bands are so willing to pigeon-hole themselves by the names they choose. I mean, is there a metal band anywhere today that doesn’t follow this “formula”? And how did that come to be?
  • NY Times: Orange Genius. Great article about how the four-year-old son of the Times’ food editor is obsessed with food and by extension how things work in the kitchen. Not a surprise, of course. Kids are always excited about what their parents are excited about.


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