Today’s Report – January 21st

  • The Atlantic: In the Basement of the Ivory Tower. A professor at two “colleges of last resort” talks about how screwed up the post-secondary education system is at the moment. And check out the links to the Atlantic’s archives in the right sidebar. I’m in full agreement that there are a lot of folks in college that shouldn’t be and that a college degree is an inappropriate prerequisite for a lot of jobs. But I feel that proposals like this one from the WSJ would undermine the idea of a well-rounded education and would only well serve those who view school as a direct stepping stone to a job. Stanley Fish, in the NY Times, ruminates on this same issue.
  • NY Times: From Books a New President Found Voice. Obama’s impressive reading list.
  • Graphicology: A very cool review of global packaging logos and global brand identities in Arabic. One thing that struck me is how many of the iconic global brands are available in the Middle East, even ones that would appear to have little cultural caché there (TGI Fridays?).


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