Tech Report – January 22nd

  • Chris Wolf, Burton Group: Client Hypervisors. Citrix and Intel announced an embedded client (i.e. desktop/laptop) hypervisor strategy today. Frankly I think they’re going to get crushed by Microsoft in this market, just like I think that VMWare will. It’s pointless for these vendors to spend a lot of time on this stuff in the short term. First of all, the large corporations they’re targeting are nowhere close to being able to deploy anything in this space and secondly Windows will work better with Hyper-V and Windows is the only game in corporate environments. Sure, the server guys have some (usually dinky) VMWare deployments, but those efforts are tiny and logistically trivial compared to any sort of workstation deployment. As an example of how far the corporations are from this, how many organizations have even begun to deploy much simpler technology like TPM, Smart Cards, or disk encryption? I’ll see if I can pull the numbers, but my guess is less than 10 percent. And these vendors and analysts expect IT to manage not only an embedded hypervisor, but some sort of dual workstation setup on a bunch of random laptops that the employees bought themselves? Lovely dream. Centralized virtual desktops are far more likely at this point.


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