• Dell: Latitude XT2 Docs and Specs.
    Update: Looks like they’ve pulled the page down for the time being. Nothing really earth shattering there, but at least the new machine uses a standard Intel chipset. The ATI X1250 chipset on the XT is horrible.
  • Project Virtual Reality Check. “Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) is a joint venture of Log•in Consultants and PQR, who have researched the optimal configuration for the different available hypervisors (hardware virtualization layers). The project arises from the growing demand for a founded advice on how to virtualise Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop (VDI) workloads.”

3 Responses to Tech Report – January 28th

  1. Vincent says:

    I see even when your on a trip you still make these blogs. lol. Thought you would skip it yesterday but guess not. Love reading it, keep it coming!


  2. Chuck says:

    The XT2 link doesn’t appear to be working…

  3. John says:

    Yep. Someone must have realized that they haven’t actually shipped that model yet!

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