Tech Report – January 28th

  • Dell: Latitude XT2 Docs and Specs.
    Update: Looks like they’ve pulled the page down for the time being. Nothing really earth shattering there, but at least the new machine uses a standard Intel chipset. The ATI X1250 chipset on the XT is horrible.
  • Project Virtual Reality Check. “Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) is a joint venture of Log•in Consultants and PQR, who have researched the optimal configuration for the different available hypervisors (hardware virtualization layers). The project arises from the growing demand for a founded advice on how to virtualise Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop (VDI) workloads.”


3 responses to “Tech Report – January 28th”

  1. I see even when your on a trip you still make these blogs. lol. Thought you would skip it yesterday but guess not. Love reading it, keep it coming!


  2. The XT2 link doesn’t appear to be working…

  3. Yep. Someone must have realized that they haven’t actually shipped that model yet!

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