Today’s Report – February 1st

  • Ruhlman: Popcorn. We also make popcorn on the stove top and have many of the same ambitions as Michael. Mostly how to get more of the corn to pop and less of the corn to burn. I guess that’s pretty much everyone’s main goal with popcorn. Although the Dog, who sometimes gets the more scorched pieces, might disagree. Anyway, we have a funny convex-bottomed pan called a “No-Shake” popper. Apparently it’s supposed to have something in the lid that you twist to keep things moving in there, but ours doesn’t have the something! We’ve never shaken the pan anyway. I think the curvature of the bottom does help get things all popped. But it’s amazing how variable the popping performance is even when seemingly following the same process. That might explain why there are so many different popping techniques out there. I’ll read through all the different ones that are linked from Ruhlman’s post and see if I see anything worth trying.


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