Today’s Report – February 18th

  • Urban Farming! There’s a very nice post on the Green City Blue Lake blog that includes Joe Cimperman’s enthusiastic rundown of some other ideas and upcoming legislation in this area. One item in particular is interesting: A partnership between the OSU Ag Extension and Blue Pike Farm (72nd between the Shoreway and St. Clair) on a handbook for young urban farmers. And speaking of Blue Pike, it looks like they may be trying to expand their CSA this year. Apparently their beets and carrots are the best in town.
  • Convention Center: First of all, here’s the official website for the project. Some very generic architectural renderings there. I hope the actual architects do a more distinctive job. And here’s an item by Steve Litt that clarifies the financing. There have been a lot of complaints that the property ends up being owned by MMPI for 20 years and then switches to county (instead of city) ownership. I actually think this is a major advantage. After all, as the owner of the property MMPI will have massive incentives to make sure the facility is marketed and maintained well. And the fact that the county ends up eventually owning the thing (rather than the current owner, the City of Cleveland) is huge. There’s absolutely no way that Cleveland should have to maintain a regional asset like this.
  • The Atlantic: How the Crash will Reshape America. A massive piece by Richard Florida (The Rise of the Creative Class) that goes into great detail about how he views the probable outcomes for different parts of the country. As always, he has nothing encouraging to say about Cleveland. It’s pretty clear he believes it’s fortunes will continue to decline since apparently there’s nothing interesting about Cleveland and cities like it. One item from the article was surprising to me: Apparently Jones Day, the massive law firm based in Cleveland, now calls Washington DC its “headquarters” and Cleveland only its “founding office”. This seems like a pointless slam, considering that this situation is only due to the fact that the current Managing Partner happened to lead the DC office when he was promoted. Is the “headquarters” going to move again when he retires?


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    1. Hey pop! Sorry that this is the first time posting anything… It would be nice if you posted stuff for younger audiences…

    2. Haha, Fat chance, Although some of the stuff you post is pretty intristing I’ll say!^^


    3. Petey:

      I’d love to post some stuff like that. Give me an example of something you would find interesting.



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