Today’s Report – March 3rd

  • Strange Maps: Greek to Me. This is a little bit of a departure for the Strange Maps folks. In English we say something is “Greek” to us when we can’t understand it. It turns out that every language has an equvalent phrase, but substituting another language. For example, Greeks say something confusing sounds “Arabic”. Here’s a “map” of languages and what language each of them considers incomprehensible.
  • LA Times: A side of Cancun not seen during spring break. Interesting story about how the police chief in Cancun was just arrested for allegedly covering up for the Zetas drug cartel. This is supposedly the safest big city in Mexico.
  • Autoblog: Detroit City Council Kills Plans to Expand Cobo. So Cleveland’s not the only town with convention center troubles. The Detroit area wants to spend about $300 million to renovate and expand Cobo Hall. The expansion would bring that center to about 860,000 sq. ft. (This is still quite a bit smaller than the IX Center — but, for some perspective, the entire new Cleveland Convention Center downtown is only planned to total 300,000 sq. feet.) The proposal involves a regional authority paying $20 million to take control of Cobo from the city. Regionalizing the facility is undeniably the right thing to do since Detroit loses about $15 million a year on it and can’t afford to make needed repairs, much less expand it. But Detroit’s council, led by the apparently reprehensible Monica Conyers, has voted down the enabling legislation three times. What is it with these towns that makes them shoot themselves in the foot every time?


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  1. Vincent

    This post is Javancse to me, it’s what the French say.^^ I laughed because I didnt know we actuaaly had a chart for that knid of thing.


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