Today’s Report – March 12th

  • NY Times: A Modest Proposal: Bikers Take the High Road. Fabulous article about how bicyclists have become the bad guys in NYC now that there are 131,000 of them commuting every day there. (131,000!! Holy cow.) Why? Basically because most riders refuse to follow the rules. The article includes some totally obvious suggestions to help turn around that situation. Suggestions that no bikers will actually follow, of course. (via Kottke)
  • The Dieline: Pepsi Natural. We have a policy of only drinking “natural sodas” on movie nights. Lately that’s meant San Pellegrino Aranciata and Limonata (so tasty!). So when Ned saw Pepsi Natural “All Natural Cola” at the supermarket the other day, he naturally (ha!) latched onto it. I didn’t buy any, but I’m guessing this is no worse for you than any of the other “natural” stuff we have bought over the years. It’s all pretty much sugar water.
  • URBAN FARMING!! Lakewood Sun Post: Lakewood drops proposal to allow chickens to be raised in town. Bummer.


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