Today’s Report – March 17th

  • Cleveland Foodie: Olena Gudz. Michelle Venorsky does these little interviews periodically with food folk around town. This is a particularly nice one. Olena is a former forensic scientist and is currently the pastry chef at Crop Bistro. Gotta try out the fruit with streusel recipe.
  • El Bulli: Gudz mentions the restaurant El Bulli in the interview above. El Bulli is a somewhat controversial three-star restaurant way out on the Costa Brava in Spain that is so famous that it takes reservations just one time per year. More than 2 million people vie for 8,000 possible dinner seats throughout the upcoming year. Obviously, if you get in you plan your trip around that date. And the price for your 30-course dinner? €250.
  • TED: Why Play is Vital, No Matter Your Age. Another one of those great TED videos. Stuart Brown is the founder of the National Institute for Play. Brown’s background is in Psychiatry. When doing a study on homicidal males, Brown noticed one common trait: A deprivation of play in their background. This was a key finding that led to the creation of the Institute.


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