Month: March 2009

  • Today’s Report – March 11th

    Strange Maps: World War II: If Maps Could Fight. A cute cartoon that summarizes the events of WWII. The characters are fairly accurate little maps of each of the countries involved. The Big Picture: Robots. 32 photos of a variety of current robots. I found a lot of these pictures fairly creepy. It’s almost like…

  • Today’s Report – March 10th

    McSweeney’s: Conversations My Parents Must Have Had When Planning to Raise a Child. NY Times: Utilities Turn Their Customers Green With Envy. I read the book Yes!, by Robert Cialdini recently. Lots of excellent examples about how to actually convince someone to do something. In this article, Cialdini figures out how to convince people to…

  • Today’s Report – March 9th

    Academic Earth. A video lecture site. Lots of high-powered teachers. Most of the videos are simply plunking a camera in the back of a lecture hall and letting it run. Still great, though. Here’s a good one for someone wanting to know more about how computers actually work. The Guardian: Twenty Things Everyone Needs to…

  • Today’s Report – March 8th

    Wikipedia: List of Cognitive Biases. Mentat: Techniques for becoming a better thinker. Lots of ways to memorize stuff, do hard math in your head, and be more creative. Heading East: Lies I’ve told my three-year-old recently.

  • Today’s Report – March 7th

    Wikipedia: List of Logical Fallacies. Common Errors in English. The Snowflake Method of writing a Novel. This process would seem to appeal greatly to someone who wants to think about novel construction in a logical way. Obviously not for everyone, especially those who don’t know what they wanted to say until after they’ve said it.

  • Today’s Report – March 6th

    Wikipedia: List of Common Misconceptions. Vanity Fair: Wall Street on the Tundra. Michael Lewis on the financial collapse in Iceland.

  • Today’s Report – March 5th

    WKYC: High tech high school grads in high demand. A little article about Max Hayes HS. Bill Callahan: House Bill 3, Foley/Driehaus foreclosure reform bill, to be rolled out this week. So along with Obama’s foreclosure bill, maybe something will finally be done to get to the root of this finance problem. After all, real…

  • Today’s Report – March 4th

    Curro Claret: Combination Cutting Board / Bird Feeder. Cute. (via Kottke)

  • Today’s Report – March 3rd

    Strange Maps: Greek to Me. This is a little bit of a departure for the Strange Maps folks. In English we say something is “Greek” to us when we can’t understand it. It turns out that every language has an equvalent phrase, but substituting another language. For example, Greeks say something confusing sounds “Arabic”. Here’s…

  • Today’s Report – March 2nd

    A new pastry shop on Professor in Tremont: A Cookie & a Cupcake. 12 different cupcake types per day. $2.50 a cupcake. Check out the custom cake and cupcake pictures on their website. Posnanski: New words. This month’s candidates: Vegawalk, Gleng, and Volumate. There’s definitely a need for these! Channel 3: Polensek says the Convention…