Today’s Report – April 5th

  • Plain Dealer: Cuyahoga County Reform Proposal Stalled. So everyone pretty much agrees that the local government situation here in Cleveland is broken, but nobody, and I mean nobody is willing to give up anything to fix it. In this one short article we get to see how “black leaders”, folks upset with certain “political advisers”, a “millionaire businessman”, the County Prosecutor, “business leaders”, “labor unions”, “Democrats — who hold nearly all countywide offices”,  and “high-profile Republicans” are all out to get their say in how this reform plan is implemented. I’m pretty sure that list includes pretty much every power broker in town. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it looks like Bill Mason is just trying to bring so many competing interests to the table, that no possible reform plan could ever be developed.
  • Crain’s: Cleveland Clinic & Cleveland Indians Team Up for Healthy Ballpark Eats. Here are some examples: Sweet potato fries, vegetable chili, Waldorf salad, salmon sliders, grilled chicken breasts, chocolate bars and frozen banana chips dipped in dark chocolate. This stuff will apparently only be at one stand in the non-hoity-toity part of the park, but it’s a start.


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