Today’s Report – April 24th

  • GreenCityBlueLake: Roundup. A boatload of great information in this little post. I’m particularly intrigued by the Citizen Dashboard Project. It looks like Marc Canter (the guy who developed what ended up as Flash Player) is behind this. I think that places like Cleveland really need a kick in the pants on this kind of thing. There’s a lot of sitting around waiting for large organizations to get organized. Not happening quickly enough.
  • The Urbanophile. Cleveland: What’s Wrong? Huge post by a guy who’s never been to Cleveland (it sounds like he’s from Indy), but is very interested in figuring out why Cleveland (and Detroit) are doing so much worse than other midwestern cities. Lots of extremely insightful comments from Clevelanders and non-Clevelanders.
  • The Telegraph: Bacon Sandwich Really Does Cure a Hangover. No, really!


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