Today’s Report – July 21st

Man, I just never seem to get around here anymore!

Ahh well.

A couple of links caught my eye today:

Henry Blodgett: My Kids Are Addicted to my iPad

I totally believe this story. In fact, it sounds like Henry is probably underestimating the extent of the problem. The Frati do not currently have an iPad. On the other hand we have to treat any and all technology the way Henry’s treating his iPad. Every single electronic item in our house has some sort of limitation or restriction on its use. If we didn’t do this I’m convinced we’d all be pale slug-like creatures drowning in our own excrement.

James Lileks: Get things DONE? But how?

“This is the week of doing everything. I mean, everything: I have a chart with dozens of little boxes, all waiting to be ticked off.” Again, somehow these blogger guys have been spying on the Frati. The past several days’ breakfast discussions have been around getting yet another “43 Folders” variation working for us. There’s always some issue or another. The current problem is that we put a task out there somewhere in the “folder”, but then we forget that we did that and then end up putting another variation of the same thing in there somewhere else. I guess we could have worse problems.

Jeff Bezos: We Are What We Choose

His commencement speech at Princeton this year. Overall a very typical graduation theme — as you can tell from the title. But his anecdote about his grandparents at the top of the talk really got me — especially as parent myself. I think all the time about the relationship between what we have and how we choose to use it. “Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?”


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