Dear Photograph

Looking through this site, I noticed many similarities among the photos. Obviously, the people in the old photos are mostly the kid versions of the people taking the new photos. But there are some more subtle things. For example, every single person is holding their old photo with their left hand. Another thing: All the pictured kitchens are yellow. This resonates with me since we just changed the paint in our kitchen from “Public School Green” (at least that’s what I think the chip said – it’s been a while) to “Spiced Butternut”. Frankly, I’m not sure what effect spiciness might have on a paint color. The paint company obviously doesn’t name the spice. Could be paprika, I guess. But, I’m looking at our walls and I don’t think this particular color is all that reddish.

But anyway, back to Dear Photograph. Another weird thing was the the two photos that mention “swag”. One says “When will I have this much swag again?”. The other, “I wish I had as much swag then, as I do now.” I’m thinking that perhaps these two people should get together and discuss.

My overall feeling about the site is that there’s a pall of sameness about the photos there. I would like to see situations where the new photo and the old don’t even seem to intersect anymore.


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