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  • Today’s Report – May 5th

    Posnanski: I’m Getting to That Part. So apparently Joe and his wife argue about which of them their four-year-old takes after. Each of them arguing that she takes after the other parent. Apparently she’s quite the character. Consumer Reports: ShamWow Testing! With video! At least it’s good for drying off your pet. We’ve been using…

  • Today’s Report – May 4th

    Wednesday Chef: April in Paris. Luisa takes a short trip to Paris and returns with these wonderful words and pictures. Posnanski: Come on, That’s Not Real! Joe comes up with a highly believable story to explain how a photo of the new Collegiate Snuggies might have come to be.

  • Today’s Report – May 1st

    How to be a successful evil overlord. A lot of folks have pointed at this, and I finally got around to reading it. I’ll have to keep this stuff in mind. Philadelphia Daily News: Rethinking Philadelphia. A very nice package of stories on — you guessed it — how to move Philly to a more…

  • Today’s Report – April 24th

    GreenCityBlueLake: Roundup. A boatload of great information in this little post. I’m particularly intrigued by the Citizen Dashboard Project. It looks like Marc Canter (the guy who developed what ended up as Flash Player) is behind this. I think that places like Cleveland really need a kick in the pants on this kind of thing.…

  • Today’s Report – April 20th

    Ruhlman: Homemade Pizza. Michael really does make it seem like much of cooking is so simple that you’re crazy not to be doing it. Truly mouthwatering photos here. The Greenhouse Tavern. Formally opened on Friday. I’ll be heading there tonight. I’ll let you know how it is tomorrow. Here’s the menu.

  • Today’s Report – April 16th

    Scene: Ed Hauser Way. They should rename the whole island after him.

  • Today’s Report – April 13th

    The White House: Cute dog pictures. This was a topic of conversation at breakfast today. Ned was explaining that Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs don’t have fur, but, rather, have hair, and that’s what makes them good for people with fur-related allergies. It turns out this isn’t exactly the best description of the differences between…

  • Bunny Report – April 11th

    Bunnyland! Every year around this time we make a trip to Malley’s Bunnyland down at their factory on Brookpark Rd. The tradition is that we all become “Secret Bunnies”. Everyone draws names and we try to get a selection of candy that we think the person whose name we drew will like. Laura wrote a…

  • Today’s Report – April 9th

    Cleveland Foodie: Preview Dinner at the Greenhouse Tavern. This is Jonathan Sawyer’s (ex-Bar Cento) new restaurant on E 4th and is the first certified green restaurant in Ohio. It’s finally opening in about two weeks.

  • Today’s Report – April 8th

    Posnanski: The Next Snuggie. You knew it had to happen: Another in-depth report on infomercials, or as Joe’s now referring to them, infocos, as he tries to predict the next sensation. I’m not totally convinced he’s found it, but read for yourself. Bridget Callahan: The Hidden Cleveland Tour. Definitely get to go to some cool…