Today’s Report – January 17th

  • NY Times: Are Nut Bans Promoting Hysteria? Dr. Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School sure thinks so. Some interesting items from the article: Over twice as many people are allergic to seafood than nuts. And a recent study of 10,000 British children shows that keeping kids away from nuts increases the likelihood of developing an allergy to them later on. Lots of extremely predictable comments on this one. And as usual, it’s quite clear that most of the commenters didn’t actually read the guy’s opinion piece. It’s actually fairly nuanced.
  • Slate: Why don’t Indonesians know how to swim? And why are their ferries always sinking? I’d wondered about the swimming stuff, myself. After all, Indonesia is a collection of thousands of islands. It just seems incredible that the folks there wouldn’t just pick up swimming. But obviously not.
  • The Big Picture: Some awesome photos of Earth from space. (tnx Chuck!)


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