Today’s Report – January 18th

  • The Big Picture. The Year in Pictures. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Outstanding.
  • Cleveland Magazine Politics. A fairly new blog about, yep, Cleveland Politics! Written by Cleveland Magazine Editor Erick Trickey. Seems pretty good so far.
  • Steven Litt: Towpath Trail at Steelyard Commons Falls Short. Litt comments on the scary future-section of the Towpath Trail that’s jammed between some railroad tracks and some loading docks. If you look at the maps of the proposed trail as it winds north from Harvard Rd, there’s little attempt to even stay close to the Cuyahoga. I realize that the land on this part of the river is pretty much entirely privately owned, and I know that a lot of it is completely industrial, but it feels like more could have been done to keep the trail truer to its name. These companies couldn’t possibly have sold (or even better, donated) a tiny path-wide sliver of land?


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