Today’s Report – January 19th

  • Ohio City Argus. (Site still unpopulated for the most part.) A new volunteer-edited newspaper run by our local community development corporation. Interesting.
  • Legends of Zork. A new MMO based in the Zork universe. Article at Ars Technica. Apparently it will be free to play and will not be as complicated/involved as the typical MMO. This is most likely really, really, bad (see: all Zork games since Zork Zero). But I’m still interested in seeing for sure.
  • Posnanski: Toasty Wrap: The Wrath of Snuggie. More Snuggie “news” from Joe! And from the comments: CNBC is running a Infomercial tournament to determine the best “As-Seen-On-TV” product of all time. Gotta go vote! Unfortunately the Snuggie and the ShamWow will meet in the second round, assuming they win their first round contests. Bummer.


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