Today’s Report – February 3rd

  • Scene: My House, Out Of The Ordinary. A fairly even-handed summary of the housing code enforcement push in Tremont that’s going on right now. If you listen to some people, TWDC is sneaking around and trying to tear down half the houses in the neighborhood whether they meet code or not. Certainly not the case. But on the other hand, code enforcement should be handled in a transparent manner — while still preventing true slumlords from indefinitely dragging things out while they “work on” getting their properties to meet code.
  • New Google Earth. The big new feature is that you can now dive below the surface of the oceans. Apparently the ocean floor is now geographically accurate.
  • The Hillfigure Homepage. “The only site with all the hillfigures of the UK”. Love this stuff. I would definitely make a detour to see a cool hillfigure. And now I know the correct term for these things: Geoglyphs.


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  1. I checked the new Google Earth and it is really really cool! You should download it at the house!


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