Today’s Report – February 4th

  • Cleveland Council Approves Urban Farming. Kevin Kelley is one of three who voted against it. Gotta ask him why if I see him.
  • Slate: Is it worth it to wash out your recyclables? Because if not, you’re just wasting water. So at first this article says no, since whatever’s in the bottle or can will be cleaned or destroyed by the recycling process. But then later they say yes, because it could be quite some time before the items actually are recycled. And leaving, say, food in bottles or cans could attract vermin or be really stinky. So I guess the bottom line is, that unless you’re taking your recyclables directly to some place that actually will recycle them right away, you do need to clean them.
  • The New Yorker: Getting There from Here – How should Obama reform health care? A lot of folks think we have to have some sort of “big-bang” change in how health care is paid for here in the US, but in this article, Atul Gawande makes it pretty clear that no country who’s reformed its health care system has accomplished it all in one big push. There’s lots to learn from what others have done.


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