Today’s Report – February 11th

  • Dell: They’ve finally announced that new XT2 Tablet. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, the fact that this is based on a standard Intel chipset is automatically a huge improvement over the woeful XT. Speaking of the XT, Dell’s also blogging about driver updates for it. Weird.
  • Brand New: Yellow/Roadway’s new crappy logo. (As usual on Brand New, make sure to read the comments.) This has got to be one of the worst branding hack-jobs ever. What a disastrous logo redesign. The old Yellow logo in particular was fabulous. And this is just layered on the foolish choice to rename the company with an anonymous three-letter-acronym. Was there something wrong with calling the combined company Yellow? Or Roadway? What an ignominious end to two of the best known brands out there.


One response to “Today’s Report – February 11th”

  1. Wow, I want one of those laptops now…hey i have an idea why dont we replace our old Dell inspron with the new one. I would like that.

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