Today’s Report – February 13th

  • Old Convention Center Proposal
    Old Convention Center Proposal
    Convention Center Stuff: Lots of good info today on this. First of all, the great Cleveland Mag Politcs Blog, MMPI and the Mall 2, Forest City & Cleveland Partnership 0. It’s pretty clear that MMPI was the only party in this mess that did their homework. And from Steve Litt: Medical Mart presentation makes convincing case for the Mall. Again, the presentation given by MMPI must have been quite impressive to quiet down some of the folks who were yelling last week about the supposed “speed” and “secrecy” of this decision. The only real issue outstanding is whether or not you really can build on the existing Convention Center foundation or not. One thing brought up in the comments to Litt’s article was the “no columns” design proposed several years ago to the original Convention Center Facilities Authority. This would have used a dramatic cable stay system (as seen in this rendering) to eliminate pillars on the convention floor entirely. Seems to me this might reduce the weight requirements on that existing foundation. In any case, I think it’s a great design idea and I’d wonder if it would significantly change the cost of the building.


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