Today’s Report – February 20th

Some education posts from the NY Times today:

  • NY Times: A nice profile of new Education Secretary and former Chicago Schools Superintendent Arne Duncan and how the $100 billion in the stimulus bill is an unbelievable opportunity to remake US education.
  • NY Times: Our Greatest National Shame. Nick Kristof on how broken our current educational system is and how it’s becoming clearer and clearer that it is, in fact, fabulous teachers and schools — not parents — that make the greatest difference to kids coming from the toughest backgrounds.
  • NY Times: Student Expectations Seen As Causing Grade Disputes. “A recent study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine, found that a third of students surveyed said that they expected B’s just for attending lectures, and 40 percent said they deserved a B for completing the required reading.” There are some quite typical quotes in this article by some of the students.


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