Today’s Report – February 21st

  • Wired: Retro Game Challenge Reheats the 8-Bit ’80s. A very cool sounding game for the DS. Here’s the gist: You play a character who’s been trapped in the 1980’s. (I agree: This would be a disaster.) In order to escape you have to win at a bunch of games that are similar to real games from the 80’s — but were actually written specifically for Retro Game Challenge. There are even fake gaming magazines (in the overall game) with “cheat codes” for the “old” games. This whole thing is a Neat Idea, and apparently quite well done.
  • Scene Magazine: Doug Trattner reports on two restaurants in the neighborhood. First of all, The Flying Fig is now open for Sunday brunch from 11-3. Some very intriguing items on the menu, like migas and fried duck egg enchiladas. We will definitely have to check this out sometime. And secondly, The Old Angle has revised their menu. They’ve always been a bar with excellent food, so it will be interesting to see what they do.
  • Ubisoft: Prince of Persia Epilogue trailer. One of the games I actually finished last year was the new Prince of Persia. Not to spoil the ending, but let’s just say it was pretty obvious there would be some additional content coming. And here it is! An entire new area to solve. And the rumor is that the boss is Elika’s father. Ubi claims that it will be much more difficult. We’ll see. One thing that’s annoying, but fairly predictable: They’ve announced the Epilogue for PS3 and X360, but not PC. Hmmm.


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