Today’s Report – March 21st

  • Cleveland Orchestra: Announced the 2009 Blossom Schedule.
  • Plain Dealer: East Cleveland library may team up with Cuyahoga County system. Laura and I have talked about this a lot. I’m sure that the East Cleveland Public Library is great and I know their new building is a marvel in a place short of them, but there’s absolutely no reason that a city in this much trouble should be taxing its residents at at a rate three times higher than the suburbs with county branches. Especially when you consider that their library can join the number two library system in the country (and ranked number one in many previous years). Frankly, the arguments the various Cleveland suburbs make against joining the county system seem petty and parochial and are just another great example of how far regionalism has to go around here. (As usual, check the comments on this article on for a wonderful example of this.)


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