Today’s Report – March 22nd

  • The Cybils: The Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards.  Given out in January for the third year. Lots of good books on these lists. And this site has a link to KidLitosphere Central, which tries to maintain links to all the blogging being done about Children’s and YA books.
  • On related notes: All the authors and publication dates for the 39 Clues series have been announced. And Percy Jackson interviews Blackjack on Rick Riordan’s blog.
  • Charles Arthur: When the diggers come for your Town Square, will you know why? Another great example of the current problems in journalism. Charles lives in Saffron Walden. The city/county council there has been making a lot of very questionable decisions. There are no remaining local media other than the free “shopper”-type adverts. And therefore these poor decisions come as a huge surprise to everyone. Obviously in the new model there should be all kinds of “citizen journalists” blogging about this stuff. But in Saffron Walden, at least, it’s not happening.
  • Cleveland Mag Politics: MMPI vs. Forest City. I’m completely baffled by Forest City’s actions on the Convention Center. How do you expect to get your way when you’ve completely annoyed both groups of people (MMPI and the County Commissioners) who will be making the decision?


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